Paris + Amsterdam 2019 pt. 1

After visiting Italy last year, I knew I wanted to go back to Europe in 2019 but this time I wanted to visit 2 countries.

Paris has always been at the top of my list due to its many many attractions. When thinking of a second location, I considered Germany and Belgium and eventually landed on The Netherlands.

My thought process for this trip was to spend as much time in Paris and a couple of days somewhere else. After much research I read that 5 days in Paris was the least I could do and figured out that 3 days in Amsterdam was appropriate.

But of course there is so much to see and enjoy in these cities that you always need more time. I still feel like I missed so much and I can’t wait to one day go back.


For some reason Sam and I always end up taking a 6pm flight to Europe. But I don’t mind it too much, it gives us more than enough time to get ready the day of.

Day 1

After a long 8hr flight and many delays, we landed in Paris at around 8:00am. We took the train into Paris and got to our Airbnb. After a quick shower, we ate at the italian restaurant right below our Airbnb. This place was so cute and so reasonably priced in comparison to all the other restaurants we encountered in Paris.

After a big lunch, we decided to hit up the Luxembourg Gardens. Our Airbnb was in the 14th arrondissement, the arrondissements are neighborhoods within the city of Paris. And the Luxembourg gardens are located in the same neighborhood so it was just a 15 minute walk.

The gardens are really pretty and everyone is just hanging out and having picnics. We actually sat down and I kept falling asleep. We had been awake since 8am the day before (we could not sleep on the plane) so there I was, just napping in public. But the weather was so nice that I did not care.

The rest of the day we just walked around the neighborhood and did some resting at our Airbnb. We went out for dinner and got burgers and hot dogs 😂😭 and went to bed.

Day 2

Our second day was only about going to the Louvre. I got tickets for 2pm because I knew we would need the sleep. But we got up, grabbed a croissant and headed to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Due to the fire, the cathedral is closed and no one can really go near it but it was still nice to see it from the outside.

We walked around the area and encountered a pretty courtyard, random towers and just a whole bunch of cute streets. We walked as much as we could until it was time to go to the Louvre.

The Louvre is sooooo freaking big. We knew we were going to start with the Mona Lisa but after that we just went everywhere with no plans.

This museum is so big so we decided to call it quits after 4 hours inside. We did not get to see everything but we saw a lot. We left the Louvre and hung out around in the area for a little bit just taking pictures.

This place is all over Instagram so I knew I had to find it and take a picture here. Anything for the gram 😂 after walking around for about an hour, I really wanted to check out Galeries Lafayette, the upscale mall in Paris. We walked around, ate macarons and eventually decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant.

This is the iconic ceiling at Galeries Lafayette. After the mall we went back to our Airbnb.

Day 3

This was the day we visited the iconic Eiffel Tower! We went all the way to the top (the summit) and enjoyed the view of Paris. It is kind of magical being up there.

After the Eiffel Tower, we walked to Champs-Élysées, which is renounced as the most beautiful avenue in the world. The walk from the Eiffel Tower to Champs-Élysées is about 15 mins, so we decided to walk. On our way we walked through the Alexander III bridge.

We got to Champs-Elysées grabbed lunch and walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe. After admiring it, we just went into different stores. The only thing I bought was a hairbrush because I forgot to pack it! I’m at THE most fashionable street in the world and I buy a hairbrush. 😂

After spending time here, I decided that it was time to look for a Christmas ornament. On every international trip, Sam and I buy an ornament. I love Christmas and I believe an ornament is an actual cool souvenir. So we found a Christmas store that was open all year round. And because we are crazy we decided to walk there-AN HOUR WALK.

After finally getting there, we chose our cute santa on a rocket and went straight to find dinner.

After a LONG day of walking we went back to our Airbnb.

Day 4

Versailles Day! We really spend the whole day at the Palace of Versailles. We left around 8am to catch the train and got back to Paris at around 6pm.

Versailles is beautiful! But I honestly found the gardens much more exciting than the actual palace. We spent 4 hours just walking the gardens!! It was just HUGE.

The fact that the royals did not ever have to leave their property and even had a summer home within the property is really, gross? I was just a bit put off by the excess of wealth these people had.

Once we got back to Paris (it was a 40 minute train ride from Versailles) we went straight to find food!

This is the end of our first part of the trip! Stay tuned for all the details about Amsterdam and our last days in Paris!

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