Visiting Italy (2018) Pt. 2

Welcome back to pt. 2 of my Italy trip. If you missed the first part, click here.

So we are starting back with Day 3 of my trip. On the third day, we had tickets to see the Colosseum.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get the Belvedere Tour which only covers the upper levels (the arena is included) and not the underground level. That’s what happens when you wait too long :(. Nevertheless, it was a great tour where we got to learn a lot of about the Colosseum.

After touring the Colosseum, we headed to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum to check out the sites.

I think it was around 3pm at this point and we were getting hungry so we decided to get some food to go and we ate it at our Airbnb. We needed some rest since we had been out and about (all walking) since like 10am.

But before we left, right next to the exit there is this cute little house where I just had to take a photo. I just love all the hidden places that you find even in places like The Roman Forum.

After an hour of rest, we decided to take the metro to the Spanish Steps. Let me tell you, that place was full of tourists. It is as busy as the Trevi Fountain. You can barely walk around without bumping into someone.

We climbed all the steps to get a good view. It was at a really good time too because it wasn’t hot anymore.

Once we got to the top we went into the Trinta Dei Montei, a church that overlooks the Spanish Steps. Of course, like a vast majority of the churches I saw in Rome, this church contained beautiful paintings.

I actually did not take interior photos any of the churches we visited. I guess I didn’t feel too comfortable doing it. Something that I did not know which I had to learn when I visited the Vatican was that to enter churches in Italy, your shoulders and knees have to be covered.

The problem wasn’t in the Vatican museum, but in the Sistine Chapel. Before I went in, I was informed to cover my knees if I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel. So I bought a scarf from a vendor outside and wrapped it around my waist.

But many churches also have signs out front asking to cover up. So out of respect, I did not go in to a couple of churches during my trip if I was not wearing the appropriate clothing.

But after visiting that church, we walked around the area and actually ate gelato for the first time during our trip. Sam and I had different flavors and they were soooo good. It was seriously like crack. We went into a couple of stores, (the area around the Spanish Steps has plenty of designer stores) and then we headed to dinner and then to bed :).

On day 4 of our trip we headed to the train station at around 7:30 am to catch our train to Venice. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep about 30 minutes in and woke up an hour later. The train ride was about 4 hours.

Once we got to Venice, we ate and caught a boat ride to San Marco Plaza.

Although it was rainy, I was amazed by Venice. I loved the canals and the homes and the hidden alleys. Everything was just so cute. After we took selfies in front of the church, we took a couple of hours to walk around the area. We kind of just wanted to get lost (without getting too lost haha)

Just writing this makes me really happy, because I fully enjoyed getting to see Venice. Going back to Venice is on my to do list!

After some walking, we stopped at a restaurant for some pizza, wine and fries. I don’t know if Italian house wine is strong or I was just a lightweight bur after just TWO glasses, I was tipsy.

It hit me when we left the restaurant and started to walk again. At some point it started raining and I really had to pee. So Sam had to get my little drunk self to a bathroom. It was funny to me at the time but sort of stressful for Sam. 😂

Before heading to our train we went into the store Mango to look for a sweater. I did not realize Venice and Florence would be chilly so I had to look for warmer clothing. I got a black sweater that I’ve been wearing a lot this winter.

At 7pm, we boarded our train back to Rome and went straight to bed. I will be definitely going back again to Venice in the future.

Day 5 was another day trip. This time was Florence. We boarded our train at 8:15 am and arrived about an hour and a half later. This was a much shorter train ride.

Once we arrived, we begin walking around and quickly found the Florence Cathedral.

Italy’s churches are just so freaking beautiful.

We did a lot of walking in Florence. We kind of went with no plans. I really wanted to go to the Ufizzi Gallery but I did not get the online tickets in time and I was not going to wait in line.

So we walked around and went into the Gucci museum because why not?

The Gucci museum was not that interesting, and I like Gucci. I just didn’t find their choice of items that were in display that good. But bless Sam’s heart for going in there with me 🙂

We had a map of Florence from a museum’s visitor center and we just walked and walked until we hit several small sites.

This view is from the Michelangelo square. And it was a the best view of Florence, you could see everything! At this point we really had walked a lot. And to get up here, we climbed so many steps. Our feet were dead.

I clearly remember being there though. Because it was just so beautiful and I just couldn’t believe that I was taking in such a gorgeous view. It’s one of those moments when you feel truly thankful for what you have.

We eventually began to head back taking a different route so we could enjoy more pretty views.

Florence was pretty much of a blur since all we did was walk. We eventually hit 7 and headed to the train station.

Day 6 was all about relaxing before going back home. We spent the last day in Rome just walking around. I actually did a bit of shopping (One of the shirts I bought still had the security tag. I did not notice until I got home).

Day 7 was just flying home. Our morning flight was actually canceled, so instead of leaving at 7 we left at 10am.

Favorite things about Italy:

  • Locals always looked so stylish (especially in Rome).
    Gelato is amaaaaaaazing! I just wanted to eat it every single day.
    Italian pastries, especially the croissants were to die for. And it was just an euro for one.
    6 euros for house wine that gets you drunk is unbeatable.

I’m trying to gather together videos from Rome so I can make a small video. I did not record a lot so I don’t have much so I’m asking sam for his videos. So a video might be coming in a couple of weeks.

My next trip will be next month. I will be going to Puerto Rico for a long weekend to celebrate my B-Day!

So stay tuned to that! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @antonellaellah

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