Visiting Italy (2018) Pt. 1

It has been about a year since the last time I posted anything on the blog. And a looooot has happened-both good and bad. I don’t believe in sharing every single thing on social media.

A) Because I like being private about certain things -both good and bad.

B) Half of the time I think no one cares lol

C) I like to be more in the moment now and I forget to capture certain things.

But I will start blogging and making videos again. I do enjoy sharing my outfits, travel photos and making videos (while tedious I actually enjoy editing-I would have loved to do movie editing).

So without further ado, let’s jump into Italy!

So this was my first actual international vacation because in 2017 I visited Nicaragua after 14 years of being in the US (I was born there and moved to the US when I was 9). So I was incredibly excited, I never thought I would ever get to go back to my country much less go to Europe.

But anyways, Sam and I left early to the airport and boarded our plane at 6:15pm. We flew AirFrance to Paris and it was really nice. I just watched movies the whole flight. Yeah I was uncomfortable a few times but you gotta do what you gotta do to see Italy.

But of course, things got stressful after that. Our flight landed late and we missed our flight to Rome. Running around that airport was not fun at all. We did make friends with other people on our flight who were also upset about missing the Rome flight. Thankfully, we were able to get on the next flight, but at this point I was hella tired and I’m pretty sure at some point my eye was twitching from exhaustion since I got no sleep at all.

But what about this beautiful view of Italy?

It was truly stunning. I couldn’t stop staring at the coast. Once we landed, I messaged my parents (you know I was messaging them every time I had wifi. Hispanic moms worry a lot.)

And we boarded the Leonardo Express (super fast train) to Rome. We found our Airbnb pretty quickly and we rested for about 30 mins, took a shower and went back outside.

On day 1, we just kind of walked around the city a bit (since we were exhausted but could not wait to be out and about). The colosseum was about a 15min walk from our Airbnb, so we walked through a park and just stared at it like total tourists (and of course took pictures and selfies lol).

We walked around some more and took pictures of every cool looking church.

By the way, these places really are full of tourists. I was also surprised by how many languages people spoke. I went to a pizzeria and the girl asked me “Italian, English, French or Spanish?” And then I watched her speak in every language to other customers (we are slacking guys). So we walked, went to dinner and went to bed semi-early because Vatican City was the next day.

Day 2- Getting to Vatican City on Rome’s subway is not that bad. We did not encounter much issues getting around.

So what can I say about the Vatican museum? It’s incredible. The ceilings, the art, the Sistine Chapel. If you don’t go, you are missing out.

Unfortunately, you can’t take photos in the Sistine Chapel. So I took mental photos and stared at it for a loooooong time.

After the museum, we walked a lot of the city. I think we walked like 12 miles that day. But we saw St.Peter’s Basilica, Castle San’Angelo and other cool buildings…

We eventually decided to get back to Rome and walked around some more (our Vatican Museum trip was at 11:30am and we spent 4 hrs there and spent a couple hours in the Vatican city walking around).

When we got to Rome, we hit up a couple more sites like the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Rome is easy to walk, you can walk to all the sites since a lot of them are close to each other.

After all this walking, Sam and I had dinner at a restaurant close to our Airbnb. The food was delicious, but the wine prices were amazing. The house wine was 6 euros for a bottle that was good and got me a bit tipsy. By this time our feet were killing us and it was only the second freaking day. But after that day it was sneakers for me every day. No sense in wearing cute looking shoes if my feet were going to be destroyed.

So this post is going to get pretty long if I keep going, so I will stop it here for now. But stay tuned for the second part where I talk about Florence and Venice.

Let me know if there is anything specific you want to know about!

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